Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Well it has been awhile since I last posted to this blog, so I have a little catching up to do.  We have been so busy here in the Czech Republic.  We have been teaching everyday with the Elders and traveling for conferences and other activities.  I am always amazed at the beauty of the countryside here.  Someone asked us if we missed the beauty of the fall leaves and mountains of Utah this time of year.  We really don't miss the beauty of Utah because it is equally beautiful here!  The only things we are missing from Utah are our family, our children and grandchildren, and good friends.  Hope everyone is doing well at home and enjoy seeing some of our pictures from the Czech Republic.

These pictures are from last transfer.  Above is Elders, Prymak, Knapp, Carlsen, and Hansen.  We went a second time with them to Hulkvaldy.  Sister Mills didn't go to the top again, but the Elders and Elder Mills made it.  These boys have so much energy.  Oh to be young!!!

Elders Hansen and Carlsen enjoying the view from the window of the castle.  It was a very long way down.

There is this statue of a silver fox at Hulkvaldy.  They say if you rub his tale you will have  good luck.  You can see the bottom of his tale how everyone has rubbed it by the way it has discolored.

New group of missionaries at Sister's Blomberg's home.  She is so good to the missionaries.  She has them to lunch several times a transfer and the missionaries so look forward to it.  New Elders are (starting on the left) Elders Chezik (California), Hansen (Texas), Dietrich (Germany), Buhler (Utah), Sister Mills, Sister Blomberg (Ostrava), Boysen (England), and Prymak (Virginia).

Elder Buhler is the new District Leader.  He turned 21 just after he arrived in Ostrava.  I made chocolate dessert instead of a cake and Sister Blomberg made the "21" with whipped cream.  Happy Birthday Elder Buhler!!

Last weekend, October 5-7 2012 the Young Single Adults planned a "Vikend V Praze"  (weekend in Prague).  This was for all YSA's in the mission.  We traveled there with three YSA's from Ostrava.  We thought that maybe we would get to see a little bit more of the city, but in reality all we saw was the four walls in this picture.  We helped Elder and Sister Curtis, who are in charge of YSA in Prague and two other Senior couples, Elder and Sister Martin, and Elder and Sister Wilford.  We helped with the meals starting Friday night through Sunday afternoon fed around 70 YSA meals and snacks.  It was a lot of work, but everyone had such a good time.  It made it worthwhile.  Above is many hands helping to prepare breakfast.  French toast, sausage and fruit.  Yummy!!  Sister Curtis had made homemade bread for the french toast....it was wonderful.

Adam Hotovy, in the back with spatula, and Sister Curtis in the front helping with breakfast. (Sorry, I don't know the young man in the middle)  Adam came with us from Ostrava.  He is a recent convert to the church and a wonderful young man.  He is fun to be around.  He calls Elder Mills and I his American Grandparents.  He calls me his Babika.  (Grandma).  I don;t mind.  (Those of you who read Czech I apologize for not using the Czech keyboard so the names and words probably look a little funny)

One of the meals served during the weekend.  This room doubles as cultural hall and chapel.  When the party is over chairs are set up for Sacrament Meeting.  At their Sacrament Meeting on that Sunday they had 206 people in attendance.  A record, of course, as the YSA's were there and BYU students traveling through Europe.  What a beautiful sight to see the room so full of great people.

For breakfast they has fruit cups.  Here is a group of crazy people cutting grapes in half and taking out the seeds.  What happened to just spitting them out....that's what I want to know????

Fireside Saturday night.  Bratr Hans Noot, from Holland came and talked about the "Armor of God".  He was a fencing expert and did some fun things with the young people having to do with fencing,.

Another young man from Prague did a sport similar to fencing.  (Can't even remember what it is called).  Here he is with all of his armor on.  He looked quite intimidating.  I would have run the other way even before he lifted his sword.

Group picture of all Young Single Adults who attended the conference.

 Jiri Kubala, Sister Mills, Elder Mills, and Adam Hotovy.  These are two young men that cam with us from Ostrava.  Zuzi Kolkovie also came with us from Ostrava, but we could never catch up with her to get a picture.  Sorry Zuzi.

Jiri and Adam looking very handsome all dressed up.

We stayed at quite an interesting Penzion while in Prague. (The Alexander)  Here is Elder Mills sitting in the front room where they serve breakfast.

Front area of Penzion.



Train station in Prague on our way home.  Tried travelers after a fun, spiritual weekend.  

This picture of Prague was not taken on this trip.  It was when we were here before because we never got out to take any photos this time.  But it is a beautiful city so wanted to have a picture to go with the weekend experience.

The young people in the Czech/Slovak mission are wonderful.  They have strong testimonies, are hard working, and a lot of fun to be around.  We only wish we could get more young people to help build God's kingdom here in the Czech Republic.  The missionaries are working so hard, and little by little the church is growing in this part of the world.  We are so blessed to be able to serve a mission here with these wonderful people.  We see God's tender mercies everyday as we serve.  God lives and he loves us.  He wants us to be happy and successful in everything we do.  We are truly grateful for the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and the blessings it brings to all of us.                  Love to our family.......we miss you all so much, but are very happy where we are and know that this is where we should be right now.

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