Saturday, October 27, 2012

So much has been happening, but I wanted to start out with a picture of another Elder's birthday.  Happy Birthday Elder Hansen!!!  Elder Hansen is one our favorites (although they all hold a very dear place in our heart.)  You get to love them....then they up and get transferred.  We don't like that part of it.

The first part of October a few of the Senior Couples went on a little vylet to Olomouc.  This is where Elder and Sister Erb are serving as the CES couple..  (Sister Erb is on the far right).  We did a tour of their city, had a great lunch and had to scurry back to our own homes.  Thank you Erb's for your great hospitality.  We had a great time.

 (Elder Scott, Elder Mills, Sister Mills, Sister Martin, Elder Martin, Sister Erb)

Having a little girl time.  (Sister Martin, Sister Erb, Sister Mills)

There were some beautiful churches in this city.  This church sits right in their backyard.  They hear the bells every 15 minutes.  They say they are used to it now.

(Elder Erb, Sister Erb, Sister Martin, Elder Martin, Elder Scott, Sister Scott, Sister Mills)

Every where you go you will see beautiful stained glass windows.  These windows are in the church above.

Just some beautiful scenery we walked past.

 The college in Olomouc sits on top of this wall.

I have never seen so many stairs in one country.  Most of us needed oxygen before we got to the top.

Beautiful streets and buildings.

 Sister Martin and Sister Erb enjoying the beauty of this little street.

The architecture on these old buildings is really beautiful.

One of the city squares.

Elder and Sister Martin.  These clocks are on the city building.  It was much different before the war.  The story goes as the Nazis were leaving the city at the end of the war they opened fire on the clock wall and destroyed it.  The communist's came in and replaced it with what you see now.  It is all about the worker and  the solider.  The people in the city do not like it very much.  Originally it was much prettier.

Statue in the square.

This is a model of the city that sits in the square.

This  is a beautiful depiction of Christ in the garden praying with Peter, James and John waiting.  It is quite touching the way the artist has caught the feelings of the apostles.

And, you can see the main namesti is under construction.  When they got digging around they found an abundance of mass graves right under the city center.  I believe they took care of what they could, but as Elder Mills was walking by he saw two human bones just lying in the rubble, so he picked them up and we got a picture of him.  Somebody is going to be ticked on resurrection day that some old guy was man handling their bones.

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