Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March is quickly flying by.  It seems like winter will never leave.  We have had more winter weather, especially cold in the month of March than we did in January and February.  We can only hope that spring is just around the corner.  This month, so far, has been very busy with missionary work.  We love visiting with so many wonderful people each week and sharing the gospel whenever we can.  We hope you are all well and happy.  We send you our love.  
Starši and Sestra Millsovi

I wanted you to see the air that we breath every day here in Ostrava.  It has been like this for many weeks now, and we wonder why we can't get rid of our coughs!!

Here we are standing on top of the town hall in Ostrava looking out over the city.  On a clear day you can see Poland.  Hopefully we will get back there on a beautiful sunny day.

In this same building (town hall) we found the coolest elevator.  It reminds you of a Mario game.  The elevator is just open and continually goes up, over, and down.  You have to step on while it is moving.  The missionaries had such fun.  They thought is was a ride from Disneyland!!  (Elder Stockdale....Going up...)

Elders Mills and Bailey trying it out.

Sister Mills.  Watching her step very closely getting off.  Didn't want to do a face plant for the camera.

Elder Stockdale, again.  We couldn't get him off....He just kept going around, and around, and around.  Missionaries are so easily amused.

On one of our P- Days we traveled to Brno to be with other Senior Couples from Brno, Olomouc, and UH. It is nice to get together and see what each other are doing and just relax and enjoy each other.  Here we are lined up on the tram.  (Sister Mills, Sister Erb, Sister Scott, Sister Martin, Elder Martin, Elder Scott, Elder Erb.  Elder Mills was taking the picture).

The next few pictures are of Brno. (The day we were there with the other seniors).  Theses are just some interesting buildings showing the architecture and other interesting points of interest.

 We are standing on the top floor looking down.

 Seniors enjoying the city of Brno.  

 Elder and Sister Mills.  Notice in the picture how the middle spiral is crooked.  Interesting story....remind me to tell you sometime.

Elder Mills standing in a beautiful little courtyard.

Elder and Sister Mills standing in front of a really ugly fountain!

Open market.  I love this about this country.  Open markets everywhere. 

March has had some birthdays.  Sister Mills had a birthday. Here she is showing one of the gifts her four-year-old grand daughter, Hailey, made for her.  We went to dinner with our good friends Illona and Zdenik, and I got to skype with all of my children that day and so it was very special.  The branch members were so kind.  I received many cards, (which I still have to translate so I know what they say) flowers and little gifts.  The people here are so giving.  Thanks to everyone, family and friends, for making my birthday so special here in the Czech Republic.

Elder Gilmore turned "20" on March 17.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elder Gilmore. 

 Family Home Evening for the month of March brought two of our dearest friends.  Sestra Kronerova, Sestra Mills, and Sestra Huskova.  They are dear ladies.  We are blessed to be able to know them.

Elder Mills wanted to join in with the ladies.

Other branch members who attended our FHE.  Brother Rudolf Vavruša, Sister Kronerova, Sister Huskova, Brother Rostia Nosek, and Brother Jiři Kudlaček.  We had a wonderful discussion about the resurrection, and swapped Easter traditions.  Great evening1

In the mission you quickly grow to love the other senior missionaries you are serving with.  You are able to feel their joys, and sorrows, and can relate with each other.  We help each other out with ideas, suggestions, and just a listening ear.  One of the reasons we traveled to Brno on P-Day was to say good-bye to Elder and Sister Scott.  They are leaving to go home (Draper, Ut,) April 3.  We will miss them, but are so grateful to have served with them.  Sister Scott was a life saver for me in helping me with Primary.  Thank you for all you did for us and all we were able to learn from you both.  Good luck!