Sunday, November 18, 2012

I wanted to show you that Ostrava does have some beauty.  We ran across this little place looking for a tie store. (Don't even ask!!)  We run onto new places every day.
This is Sister Křišžova, a woman we home teach.  Here she is with her two beautiful twin grand daughters.  We love her dearly.  She speaks a tiny bit of English, so with our little bit of Czech it makes for interesting home teaching!!

Sister Mills having fun holding one of the twins.

This is our Ostrava English.  Although, there is usually twice this many there, but this is the night I had the camera.  We love to go to English class.  The people who come are so interesting and we just have a lot of fun.

Here is our ward choir.  Yes, Elder Mills and I sing in the choir. (I hope Suzanne Smith doesn't see this.)  We did our first number today in Sacrament meeting.  We sang "I Know That My Redeemer Lives".  Another first for us is after we finished singing the people in the audience started to applaud.  It was great to see such joy on their faces.

Elder Nye from Zvolen, Slovakia,  Elder Buhler, our District Leader in Ostrava, and Elder Mills.  Elder Buhler served with the Nye's in Slovakia before serving with the Mills in Ostrava, CR.

The Ostrava Elders coming home from church on a cold day in the tram.  They are on their way to our home for Sunday dinner.  I just thought this was a cool picture.

We had District Conference last weekend.  There are no stakes in the Czech Republic just districts.  The conference was in Brno, about two-and-a-half hour train ride.  Here we are with Elder and Sister Schuetze from Germany.  He is the Area Seventy, and is totally wonderful.  We were able to spend some time with him and President Irwin to discuss the upcoming YSA Conference.  He was so impressive, and gave great talks in all sessions. 

The Elders walking to catch the tram to go home after conference.

Elders Buhler, Sister Ivanová, Hansen, Boysen, Dietrich, Chezik.  (Minus Elder Prymak who was up top with us.)

After District we had to hop another train to Prague to apply for our visa's.  Most missionaries don't even have their visa's much before it is time to go home.  Elder Prymak went with us.  Here he and Elder Mills are on the train.

In Prague we stayed with Elder and Sister Bohne.  They work in the Mission Office in Prague.  It was a lot of fun to get to know them better, but they leave to go home to Nevada in January.  That's the bad thing about missions....everyone keeps leaving.   This is a beautiful church just down the street from their apartment.

We had a little time in the morning before we had to go get visas so we strolled through old town in Prague.  It was so beautiful.  Everything is just so old, and the architecture is so wonderful.

The only reason we took this picture was for our grand daughter Hailey Mills.  She loves horses, and we knew she would enjoy this.  We love you Hailey and miss you, as we do everyone of our grand kids!

Famous "astronomical clock" in old town Prague, Czech Republic.

Sister Mills in Old Town Prague, Czech Republic

Elder Mills in Old Town Prague, Czech Republic

You have seen a picture like this one before, but it is one of our favorite spots in Prague.  Just can't get over how beautiful it is here.

At the train station.  Elder Prymak and Sister Mills waiting for the train.

Elders Hansen, Mills, and Chezik.  A couple of  young Elders that we became quite attached to!

Sister Benčiková, a branch member.  I went with the missionaries to visit her one afternoon.  She was so happy to see the missionaries.  (Even if she doesn't look it here.)

Lunch at Sister Blombergová, and for some reason Elder Chezik's plate exploded.  (So he says)  Sister Renata helping to clean up the mess.

 One thing we really hate about this whole mission thing is transferes.  We love all of these elders and hate it when they have to move on,  Here we are with each of the elders from this transfer.  Elder Detrich....going home, back to Germany on Wednesday.  We wish him the best!

Elder Hansen.  Being transfered to Česke Budějovice.

Elder Boysen.  Being transfered to Prague.

Elder Prymak.  Being transfered to Olomouc.

Elder Chezik.  He is staying with us in Ostrava for another 9 weeks.

Elder Buhler.  He too is staying in Ostrava one more transfer and then he will be going back to his home in Utah.

Entire District.  After Sunday lunch each companionship told their greatest sucesses of this transfer.  It was amazing how hard they have all worked.  We are so proud of each of them!!

 This great event didn't happen in the Czech Republic, it happened in Layton, Ut.  Our grandson Bryce Nyman received his Eagle.  We are so proud of him and all of his accomplishments.  He has worked very hard to earn this award.  We wish we could have been there, but our thoughts were with him that entire day.  We love you Bryce!

Proud Mom and Dad!!

And, last but not least....congratulations to our oldest grand son Derek Nyman who made the Layton High varsity basketball team.  Way to go Derek!!  Good luck for a great senior year.  We are so proud of you too.!!