Sunday, October 28, 2012


Twice a year the Ostrava Branch participates in a service project to help out the city Ostrava "Mormon Helping Hands".  This year we went to a park and raked leaves,cut out dead limbs, picked up garbage and swept sidewalks.  It was a beautiful autumn morning and we had a very good time.  Even if I could not straighten up the next morning.  Serving together we got to know the members much better.

Getting ready to go to work.

Bratr Kolek, Mirek, Eva, Zuzi, Pavla, Sister Mills, Renata, Veronica

Rudolph Vavrusa

 Sestra Jirina Huskova

Elder Detrich and Rudolph Vavrusa

Bratr Dusan Kolek, Elder Chezik, and Elder Hansen

Bratr Rosta Nosek

 Sestra Pavla Wolfova

Daniel Kolek

All the Elders wanted the job of sawing off the dead limbs.

Zuzi Kolek, Daniel Kolek, Mirek Michalsky,and Elder Buhler.  They are in the green waste bin to try to smash it down to make more room for more debris.  They were jumping around like it was a trampoline.

Elder Mills, Sestra Renata Blomberg, Elder Chezik.  

Eva Michalska, Sister Mills, Pavla Wolfova

Mirek Michalsky.  One of the youngest there.  We don't have to many children in our branch, so it is delightful when a few are around. 

 "Helping Hands" group at the end of the day.

A tired bunch of missionaries at the end of the project waiting for their ride home on the bus.

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