Monday, September 17, 2012

We had our third Young Single Adult Family Home Evening last Friday at our home.  We feel that it was a success as we had four YSA there to participate.  We did a photo scavenger hunt.  We got this idea from when we used to play this game with our children at Halloween.  Earl and I took pictures around our part of the city and printed them off.  We then had two teams, and they had  cameras and had to go and find the same spot and take the same picture.  The first team back with all the pictures won.  They seemed to have fun....they were so competitive.  We had cheap ties from Tesco as prizes.  We then had tacos and a short lesson from the "Strength of Youth" pamphlet.  It was a good evening!!

It was transfers this week which is sad as we lose some of the missionaries we have grown to love.  This was the last Sunday we would have them all for Sunday dinner.  Here you can see Elder Mills, Elder Prymak, and Elder Hansen playing with their cameras in our living room.

Elder Prymak, Elder Story, and Elder Hansen relaxing a bit after Sunday dinner.

Elder Story our District Leader, in the front, and  Tomas in the back.  Tomas is a YSA in our Branch.

The entire District after church.  Elder Knapp (was transferred), Elder Story (was transferred), Elder Carlsen (was transferred), Elder Mills, Sister Mills, Elder Hansen, Elder Boysen, and Elder Prymak.  We were so grateful to have gotten to know these young men.  They have helped us so much as we have tried to transition to life in the Czech Republic.  They were all great examples to us and we love them all.  We would have drowned without them.  Thank you!!

Elder  Prymak, Elder Knapp, Elder Carlsen, Elder Boysen, Elder Story, and front, Elder Hansen.

Elder Mills, Sister Mills and our District Leader, Elder Story.  He is being transferred to Brno to be District Leader there.  They are lucky to have him.  We considered Elder Story to have been our trainer and Senior Companion.  He helped us in every way.  He is a hard worker, obedient, and truly loves the Lord.  We will miss him greatly.

These last three pictures are just some of the beauty of the Czech Republic.  After you get out of the city of Ostrava it is very beautiful.

It has been a good week and we are now ready to meet new Elders and get back to work.

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  1. Always fun to get the Blog. Thanks for sending it. Love you two. From Barb