Monday, September 3, 2012

On our P-Day we took a little trip to the city of  Hulkvaldy that was about a 40 minute bus ride from Ostrava.  Ostrava is not a very pretty city, but if you get out of the city the countryside is beautiful, and the little towns you travel through are quaint and very charming to say the least. There is a castle here Hrad (castle) Hulkvaldy.  The castle sits on top of the mountain you see here in the picture with Sister Mills.  I hope I can make it to the top!

The door to the church you see below.  They have the coolest doors on all of their churches and castles.  Natalie maybe you should put a door like this one in your new house.  The neighbors would all be jealous.

Church  on the main street of Hulkvaldy.  The one with the cool door.

To the left of this little house is the path that leads to the castle (hrad) .

View from the trail.  The scenery was just beautiful.  It never ceases to amaze me of the beauty of this world that God created for us.

This tree has mushrooms growing out of it's trunk.  Pretty cool!

We saw this little herd of deer on the way up the trail.  They were pretty tame because they didn't even care that we were around.  I thought their antlers we fun.

Elder Mills sitting among the roots of this old tree.  

 Path leading to the Hrad Hulkvaldy (castle).

After the climb (and yes I made it and here is the proof)  I sat and enjoyed the view while Elder Mills kept hiking around the castle.

Backside of the castle.  The bad thing about our P-days is that most everything is closed on Mondays for some reason so we couldn't go inside.

Coming back down this was the view of the city of Hulkvaldy.

Another beautiful view, and another great day in the Czech Republic.  We are so grateful to be here in this beautiful land with such great people.


  1. Where are the pictures of blood sweat and tears? You guys look like you're having way to much fun. The people of Czech don't know how lucky they are to have such a great couple from Prov. Love you guys. Brent & Kim

    1. Hey...Brent and Kim....
      Way cool to hear from you.
      Believe me there are days of blood, sweat and tears....honest.
      But they are harder to get a picture of to put on the blog.

      BUT...we have had some great things happen...everyday...
      I cant tell you how incredible it is to look back at that transpires and know we were guided to say and do.

      Please send us your email address. We would love to write you about our happenings.
      We use

      We think of you often...

      Starsi and Sestra Mills