Monday, May 6, 2013

It has been over a month since I have posted to this blog.  April was such a busy month.  We blinked our eyes and it was gone.  Time is going by so quickly for us here in the Czech Republic.  We have now been here 10 months!!.  We love it here and and we love serving with the young elders....they are so amazing!!  They are working so hard.  They are such an example to us, and we learn from them daily.  What a blessing to be able to serve with such great young men.  (I keep hoping for some sisters, but so far just me an the elders.)
 This is our latest district. (Front left  to right:  Elder Spencer, St. George Ut; Elder Simcock, England; (sec row, Elder Ozmun, Providence, UT; Elder Lisonbee, Providence, UT; Elder Bailey, Perry, UT; Elder Gilmore, California; Sister and Elder Mills, Providence UT.  Can you believe how many are from northern Utah!  This was Easter Sunday.  The Elders are holding the traditional Easter Lamb that one of the Branch Members made for us.

We had our share of birthdays during the month or April..... 
 Happy Birthday Elder Simcock

Happy Birthday Elder Spencer.

Happy Birthday Tomaš and Elder Bailey.

Happy Birthday Adam and Elder Lisonbee. 

There is only one thing I found that the Elders like more than a baptism.......that would be eating!! 

See what I mean....

Our good friends Dwight and Barbara Cook from Providence, UT just happened to be in the neighborhood and dropped by for a few days.   President Irwin said it would be OK if we showed them around Prague for a couple of days (Like we know where anything is besides the church), but we had a lot of fun exploring the city and just being together.

 Interesting painting on these walls.

Dwight and Barb in front of  Prague Castle.

View of Prague

Changing of the guards at Prague Castle.

This is the big cathedral by Prague Castle.  (Sorry I can't remember the name right now.)  But, it is truly beautiful.

Any one want a pedicure??  Let these little fish do the job for you. 

Can't go to Prague without haveing one of their famous dogs. 

One of the entrances to the famous St. Charles Brigde.

Anywhere you go in Prague could be a picture postcard.

This picture is for our daughter Natalie.  Nat, Would this give you nightmares thinking that your chickens could get this big!! (hehehe).

St. Charles Bridge, Prague.

We went to the city of Kutna Hora and there was a church there, and in the basement someone had dug up the surrounding grave yard and made all sorts of things from the bones. 

A little creepy.

Wouldn't want to be standing here on resurrection day.  Bones will be flying in every direction.

Barbara was so excited to find a cathedral named after her.  "St. Barbara"
 St. Barbara's Cathedral.  This was truly amazing.

View f rom the cathedral.

Keys to the city (or maybe the men's room...can't remember).
While in Prague we went to a Czech Folklore traditional dinner, with Czech songs, dances and games.  The food was really good, and the entertainment was great.
Huk Valdy in the background.
Again more eating!  Sunday Dinner with the missionaries and special guests.

 P-Days with the missionaries at Landek Park.  Ostrava was an old industrial city, and very big in coal mining.  Landek Park is a museum about the mining industry from the past.

  Who needs to go to the zoo, I can see three monkeys every day. (Elder Mills, Elder Bailey, Elder Ozmun) (hehehe)

Elder Ozmun freaking out about something.

Down in the coal mine. Dwight, Barb, Elder and Sister Mills, Elder Bailey, and Elder Ozmun.  I have to admire the men who spent their whole lives working in the coal mines.  I think it would have been a horrible job.

All good things must end, and we think the Cooks were tired and ready to go home.  We about walked their socks off.  Thanks for coming to see us.  We love you both.

Spring came to the CR over night.  Within one week it went from snow and cold to beautiful flowering trees, and green grass.  We traveled from Brno to Prague by train to get our final visas and the trip was absolutely beautiful.  It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful God's creations are.

There is not a happier sight in the whole world than to see a group of elders walking down the street.  These young men and women who put their lives on hold, to go and serve their Father in Heaven.  Of course, as with all service, they grow so much while serving.  It is truly an honor to serve with them.  We love each of them and number them among our family while they are here.  We are so grateful for this opportunity.   
Thanks again to our family for all of your love and support.  Elder and Sister Mills

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  1. Dear Elder and Sister Mills,
    Ever since typing "Czech/Slovak Mission" into a search engine after our daughter was called to serve there, I have been a devoted lurker on your fabulous blog. I am really uplifted by the faith, testimony, and humor which is found in such abundance here! It is a feast for the spirit (and really reassuring for mothers and fathers to see how supportive the missionaries are of one another there, and how closely you all work together).
    The photos you share are wonderful! If you haven't already done so, I really hope you will consider donating some of these beautiful shots to the Church's image database ( They are looking for images of people living the gospel from all around the world. I know the shots of the Helping Hands volunteers would be highly prized!
    Anyway, sorry for lurking, but thank you so much for sharing. Your account of your missionary service in the Czech Republic really helped our daughter to prepare for her mission, and it continues to provide much interest and reassurance for us, as you describe the same meetings she is attending and provide glimpses into life in the Czech/Slovak Mission.
    Warmest Regards, and may God pour out his blessings upon you and all of your house!