Monday, May 6, 2013

We want to start this post with news, not from the Czech Republic, but from home.  Our son Kevin Mills graduated this month from Weber State University.  We are so proud of him and his accomplishments.  He has had to hurdle many obstacles, in order to achieve his dream, but through much hard work and perserverance he has been successful.  We are also so grateful to his sweet wife Shannon, and all the love and support she has given Kevin over the years.
Congratulations to you both!!  We love you and are blessed to have such wonderful children.
(Have you ever seen such cute grandchildren?!?!?)

Zone and District Conference was held this month in Brno. These conferences are always so uplifting motivating. We love to attend and especially to be able to to listen to President Irwin each month. He is such a great man and we are fortunate to have him for a Mission President. This same weekend we had District Conference so it was a great and spiritually uplifting three days. It was the last District Conference for President Irwin and Sister Irwin to attend. Many tears were shed as the members showed their love and respect for both of them. They will be missed.

In between conferences we did a little sight-seeing of Brno.  Here we are going through the underground of Brno.  (Elder and Sister Wrightson, Elder and Sister Martin, Sister Nye, and Sister Mills)

Same group with the addition of Elder Mills and Elder Nye

Our dear friends Elder and Sister Nye from Smithfield, UT.  In this great big world we don't know how so many peopled from northern Utah were able to come together in this great mission.

The Wrightsons and the Martins

In between sessions of District Conference on Saturday we were able to join with the Elders and Sisters in a singing display.  It is so much more fun when the group is larger and actually has sisters to sing with.  You could hear the group singing from  a block away.  It was great.

Over looking Brno

Once a week we try to visit this sweet sister.  She lives in a rest home and does not have very good health.  Sister Skornikova is bright, and very funny.  We love to visit her and grateful the  Elders will tag along to translate for us.

 Elder Mills, Sister Skornikova, Sister Mills

Elder Ozmun, Sister Skornikova, Joseph, and Elder Simcock.

One thing the Czech republic does not have a shortage of is statues.  Everywhere you look in Ostrava there are statues.  Most are left over from communism and usually are of soliders and workers. (as seen here).  This was a holiday for the Czech people.  Something like our labor day.

 These next pictures are of the Elders at sports day.  Every Saturday they play and invite investigators, members, little kids, anyone they can get to play with.  They look forward to it and gives them a chance to unwind and have fun.

"Mormon Helping Hands"
The Ostrava Branch does a service project each spring and fall.  We were cleaning up a beautiful wooded area of trash and weeds.  It was raining pretty good when we started so that is why we all look like drowned rats.

This is what the area looked like that we were working in.  It was very pretty and green in the rain.  Elder Mills and I had to take extra Ibuprofen that night!
We started this post on a happy note, but must end with saddness.  Our dear friend Susan Turley passed away, and was buried today in Providence, UT.  She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.  She was such a caring, considerate, and thoughtful person.  She was a great example to all of us.  We want Jeff and their children to know how much we have always loved the Turley family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve for the loss of your wife, mother, and grandmother.

Elder and Sister Mills


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