Monday, April 1, 2013

Here we are again at the end of another transfer.  Nine weeks goes by so quickly!  A blink of an eye and the Elders we have grown to love have to move on.  This is transfer #5 for us, and we are half-way through our mission.  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

 Our District #5 on their way out. (back row) Elders Gilmore, Bailey, Stradling, (front row) Stockdale, Mills, Robison, Sister Mills, and Elder Simcock.

Missionaries leaving Ostrava are:  Elder Stradling, Arizona.

Elder Stockdale, from the Great State of Montana!

Elder Robison, Utah

Teaching one night with our good friends, Illona and Zdeněk

Zedeněk and Elder Simcock having a good laugh.

Here we are welcoming in a new Elder, Elder Ozmun.  He is from the great city of Providence, UT.  It is funny because this transfer out of 8 missionaries four missionaries are  from Providence, and one missionary from Perry, Ut., then we have one from St. George, and one from England.  Small world, and we are so happy to welcome our neighbors from northern Utah.
(In photo above are: Elders, Ozmun, Bailey, and Stockdale)

Once a year the Ostrava Branch has a talent show.  Here is Honza showing off his football skills.  (Soccer for you Americans).

Jakub on the piano.

Elder Simcock on the guitar.

Prezident Řeha is a Rubik Cube guru.

Michelle on the piano

Sestra Kubala, song and reading.

Elders Gilmore and Bailey doing a harmonica duet.

Everyone traced their hand.  Interesting how different and unique everyone was.

These are so cool!!  I don't know what you call it, but you roll up tiny pieces of paper and place them together to make these different designs.  Looks like it takes so much time.  Sister Mills would love to learn how to do this.

Sister Mills took an orange chiffon cake for her talent.  It lasted about 10 seconds..... guess 
it was a success!

Elder Mills, for his talent,  had his kids send pictures from home of the wood working projects he has done for them.  The Czech people were all impressed, as they should be.  He does a great job.

Baptism in Ostrava!!!

Adam Hud

We were so blessed to have a baptism in Ostrava.  This is only the second baptism we have had since we have been here.  The missionaries work so hard, and we all felt very blessed to be able to welcome Adam into the Ostrava Branch.  He will be a great asset to the branch.

You can see that the baptism was held at a pool at a local hotel.  Here Adam is speaking after he has just been baptized.  He is a great man, and we are so blessed and happy to have found him.  We wish him the very best. 
(We all wanted to jump in and swim around for awhile....but we restrained as President Irwin would not have approved!!)

People from the Branch who attended Adam's baptism.

We woke up Easter morning to the biggest snow storm we have had all winter.  We were not very happy, but the trams were running and we made it to church.  We felt very blessed to be able to spend Easter Sunday in the Czech Republic with the people and missionaries we have grown to love.  Hopefully spring WILL come soon!!  (please,please,please.....we have not seen the sun for months!!)

Easter lunch with the new missionaries. (Starting on the left side of table) Elders  Spencer, Simcock, Gilmore, Adam Hud (newest member of the Ostrava Branch) Elders Lisonbee, Ozmun and Bailey.  Welcome to all  new missionaries to Ostrava!!

Here is a picture of a very young missionary that our niece posted on Facebook a while ago.  This missionary is a very young Starši Mills, on his mission many years ago in Topeka, Kansas.  He is holding our niece Angela, and our two nephews are in front, Scott and David.   His looks have changed, as he is much older, but he is still young at heart and in spirit. He is still a great missionary now serving, 44 years later, in the Czech Republic with his beautiful wife (hehehe).  Life is certainly great, and we are all so blessed to have the gospel in our lives.  Until later, love to all our family and friends...we love you and miss you.  
Starši and Sestra Mills
Czech/Slovak Mission

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