Sunday, August 19, 2012

My first hair cut in the mission field.  Elder Boysen is a brave soul!  I tried to tell him that he would end up looking like Starsi Mills, but he said go ahead.  He is a delightful Elder from England.  We love to listen to him speak with his fun accent.  He is great!!

This is a church Elder Mills walks by in the mornings on his walk.  It is near our home in Ostrava.  They have beautiful churches in the Czech Republic.

This is Elder Knapp and Sister Veronica Kavanove.  It is Veronica's baptism day.  She was taught and baptized by Elder Knapp.  Elder Knapp is from Kansas.

I am holding Sister Veronica's baby, Kevin.

Veronica, her daughter Natalie, son Kevin, and myself.

Entire group at the baptism.  We are standing in front of the hotel where baptisms are held.  They clear the people out of the pool for one hour, we move in and do the baptism, and the pool is reopened for business.

On our P-Day we went to the city just outside of Opava, Hradnec nad Moravici.The city is named after the castle that is there.  The town has thousand years of old history.  Dates back to 1061.

Here we are standing outside the castle (hrad).  The castle name is same as the city.  Hradec nad Moravici.

Hradnec nad Moravici.  All around the castle are beautiful paths that meander through forests and courtyards.

The castle had the most beautiful courtyard.  We are standing at the gate leading into the courtyard.

Courtyard of Hradec nad Moravici.

This is just a cool door at the castle.

Elder Mills, and just behind to the right is a bust of Beethoven.  They have a traditional international music competition and the festival of young artists that takes place every year here.

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