Sunday, August 5, 2012

Our First FHE in Ostrava, Aug 3, 2012.  We just completed a lesson in the chapel where Earl and I gave a short lesson on "Choice and Accountability" in Czech!!  It only took us three days to prepare and then we read every word, but we  did it just the same.   Here you can see Earl doing what he does best, and the rest are members, and a couple of investigators.  The pizza was cold and not very good, but they ate every bit of it.  What saved the food was Sister Ivonova brought her delicious homemade plumb strudle, cake, not sure what you call it but it is wonderful!!

We played "Minute-it-to-win-it"  Here they have an oreo on their forehead, and they have to get it in their mouth without touching it.  They were pretty good.

Here Daniele is shaking the ping-pong balls from the kleenex box on his back.

And here is the elephant walk where they have to knock over the water bottles with the tennis balls that are inside the panty hose around their neck.  No hands please.

The missionaires were here for dinner on Sunday, Aug. 5, 2012, and it was Elder Carlson's 20th birthday so we baked him a cake.  He has the biggest dimples you have ever seen.


  1. great pictures. i love the one with dad eating pizza.Eating is what mills do best.

  2. Looks like FUN! Do they have Little Caesars?