Sunday, July 15, 2012

Welcome to our new home.  We live at Josefa Savla 7, Ostrave 709, Cezch Republic.  If you google that address you can see our street.  Hit the bubble and pan around and you will see our home.  We really like it.  We are on the ground floor.

Our Front Room.  All the furniture looks brand new. 

Our kitchen.  We have a diswasher, oven.  They are small and hold small things, but hey it works for us.

Our foyer.

Our bedroom.  The bed is really quite comfy.

Our kitchen table where we study and eat.

We have a full sized fridge, which we were excited about.

This is our clothes dryer.  Boy do I appreciate towels dried in a real dryer!

This is a typical tram station.  You just run to the middle of the street and wait patiently for your ride. 

Cool looking church in Ostrava.

City Square in Ostrava.  It was really hopping on Saturday with lots of street vendors.  The funny thing was all the stores close at 12:00 noon on Saturday.

More city square, Ostrava.

I had just given money to some musicians playing on buckets and tin cans.  They were pretty good.  What is kinda funny, all the music that was being played around the square was American music.

A place for children to paint and draw.  You really don't see to many children here.  They have relatively small families.  You also don't see any really large people.  I think it is because everybody rides the tram and walks everywhere.

The Elders at our home on Sunday, July 15, 2012,  for dinner.

Elder Knapp, Elder Clyde, Elder Strobl, Elder Mills, Sister Mills, Elder Lisonbee, Elder Carlson, Elder Story (District Leader). 


  1. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. So glad you made it safely and are working hard, even if it's on no never did need much sleep anyway. It looks beautiful. Marsha says she is coming at Christmas time, I'm not sure if she means this year or next. Wayne said it looks like you're having another wonderful vacation....I just think he's jealous. Sending love and prayers.....jody

  2. You are doing great on the blog! The kids are really enjoying seeing your pictures and reading your experiences! So are Jeff and I! CR looks like a beautiful place! Your apartment looks good! So glad to hear the elders are taking good care of you both! Love to you both!

  3. Looks like dad missed the memo on pink tie day!

  4. I'm trying to get in touch with Elder and Sister Nye in the Czech Prague Mission 8/20/2012. Please have them email me. ; Important. Thanks, Tyson

  5. I meant the Czech/Slovak mission.