Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 2, 2012.  After a very long wait, we finally made it to the MTC.
Young Elders and Sisters get dropped off at the front door.

Senior Missionaries get dropped off at the loading dock in the back!
What's up with that?

Our first district.  We grew to love them all.
Good luck to everyone!

Hope the old people don't have to ride bikes!


  1. The blog looks really good! Must have had a great teacher;-) I love the loading dock in back!

  2. That was really fun to see all the pictures. Thanks for thr blog.

  3. Grandma Park saw these pictures and she says its a beautiful place. She hopes you're adjusting well out in the mission field and she can't wait to hear from you again. Thanks for the letter!

    Love, Mom