Sunday, July 22, 2012

We were invited to lunch this week to the home of Sister Renatta Blomberg, a counselor in the Branch Relief Society.  This is from her balcony.  I am standing with Sister Kolkova who is the District Relief Society President.  Also, Sister Ana Galicekova, Branch Relief Society President was there.  They were a fun group of ladies.  Sister Kolkova (above) spoke very good English, Sister Renata spoke a little, and Sister Galicek spoke hardly any.  For the first time on our mission Elder Mills was out numbered by women.  Usually it is me and the Elders.  It felt good!!

Looking off Sister Renata's balcony to the open common area.  It was very beautiful.  As you can see it was surrounded by a forest of trees.

Here is me(Sister Mills), Sister Renata Blomberg, Sister Kolkova, and Sister Ana Galicekova.  The lunch was great.  She served a curried chicken over rice, fruit and ice cream, and then they brought out cake.  I was so stuffed, but I took one for the team and ate it all.

In talking with Sister Kolkova we found out that her daughter was visiting friends in the USA in a place called Bountiful, UT.  I was amazed and told her that is where I grew up and still my son and his family and my mother lived there.  After that she had to get her daughter Zusana, on  skype so we could meet.  Zusana was busy making a costume for her brother for the 24th of July Pioneer Parade.  It made me a little homesick, but the point is just how small this world really is.

Here Elder Mills and I are standing in front of our Church Building.  We share the building with several other offices.  Our name is the third plaque from the top.  It says Cirkve Jezise Krista Svatych poslednich dnu. (Czech without any of the markings.  I don't know how to do that on the computer.)

Here we are in front of the door going into the church.

We just thought this was an interesting picture.  This is a funeral going on in the church, and while the funeral is taking place a band stands outside and plays music.


  1. Hey you guys look so happy at your new home. I love the blog it makes the distance less than it really is. Thinking of you often, keep up the hard work Elder Mills (visiting with the ladies). All is well in Zion.

  2. That was a fun addition. I love the blog. Jenny said that there were 2000 stripling warriors in the Bountiful parade. I wonder if that was what she was making the costume for him to be in the parade???

  3. The Murphy Fam LOVES the blog! Almost as much as we love the Mills. The ward is super boring now that you're gone. We'll probably just move.