Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Another transfer has come and gone.  We have now gone through three transfers and every one is very painful.  We hate to say good-bye to any of these wonderful Elders.  They each are so different and each have such great talents and strengths.  They truly bless our lives here in Ostrava.  Thanks for all you have done for Elder Sister Mills.  We can't make it without any of you.

Transfere #3. (back row) Elder Odell, (He left home from Nevada returning to California.  We told him that his parents were trying to ditch him. hehehe)   Elder Chezik, (California)    Elder Simcock, England)    (front) Elder Stockdale, (Montana)   Elder Mills,   Elder Buhler,(Utah)   Sister Mills, and    Elder Neumann (Utah).

Elder Buhler was our District Leader for two transfers.  He went home to Utah the end of this last transfer.  He was a dynamic, dedicated missionary and we love him.  He was a great teacher for us.  Good luck and we will see you next year in the Aggie student section!!!!  (Go Aggies)

Elder Chezik.....This great big loveable guy was transferred to Prague.   Elder Chezik was known as the Elder with his ears always in tune with the mission jungle drums.  Let us know anything news worthy!!

Elder Neumann has a quick smile and contagious laugh.  A humble missionary and a delight to be around.  He was transferred to Oloumoc to be their new District Leader.  He will definitely be a great leader for them.

Who couldn't keep up with Elder Odell.  He was always on the run.  Another great missionary who spoke fantastic Czech.  He was transferred to Liberec.  He also makes a great peanut butter dessert!!

A visit to our President Řeha's home. He is our Branch President here in Ostrava.   What a great family.

Sister Mills and her little Primary.  Mirek, Honza, and Kristian.  Here they are showing us that kids are the same all over the world.  They have taken Sister Mills under their wing.  They have learned to communicate in short sentences and by pointing and hand actions.  Mirek brings a marker and corrects my Czech on posters and hand outs.  They are  the teachers and I am the student.  They are great!!!  

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