Sunday, December 30, 2012

I know it has been a very long time since we last posted anything, but hey we have been busy!!  November and December have just been a blur with so much happening.  So, we will try to catch you up on just a little of what we have been doing. 

Our first Thankgiving (2012) in Ostrava.  We of course had the missionaries for dinner. (Elders Odell, Buhler, Chezik, Simcock, Elder and Sister Mills, Neumann, Stockdale)  We had to buy two turkeys because Czech turkeys are the size of a big chicken. We were able to find most of our traditional American favorites.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been to have a few grand kids around us.  We indeed had a feast, and counted our many blessings that day.

A fun "P" day with the Elders. (Odell, Buhler, Chezik, Simcock, Neumann, Stockdale)

Elder and Sister Mills

We can't believe we were actually doing this.....Singing in the town square!!!!  Elder Mills and I knew for sure that we would be arrested and hauled off to jail!!  It didn't happen, and we have been singing once a week ever since.  We have gotten used to the way people stare at us, and this was no different.  Must say that this group of Elders have some pretty nice voices, and they are able to cover up all the mistakes made by Elder and Sister Mills.

One of the highlights for us in December was going to the little town of Valašské Meziřiči one Saturday and attending the Mikulaš Fair. It was great!! This fair kinda starts off the Christmas season.  There were wall-to-wall people and many were dressed up in different costumes, with booths selling all kinds of home made goodies and fun things.  (Amy and Bailey you would have thought that you had died and gone to heaven with all these little booths).  If the children are good Mikulaš brings them a gift, but if they are bad the demons or devils get them

We thought this guy was just real fun looking and had to take his picture.

This woman was making all sorts of baskets.

Here we are with the demons.  They would chase after the kids and try to get them.  There were kids bawling all over the place.  They thought we were cool because we spoke English and were from America.

 Looking out a window at the fair.

We were at this castle in the summer, but the Elders wanted to go again in the winter and it was just as beautiful. It is called Hradec Nad Moravici and any where you looked you had a beautiful view.

Elder and Sister Mills

Different views of the castle and grounds.  We thought this tree was pretty interesting.

The sun was going down and the windows looked golden.

We took a little trip to Uherské Hradiště.  The YSA were having a volleyball tournament and of course we can't miss a dog fight so we traveled to this beautiful little city.  Elder Mills suited up and played.  He was even able to jump off the ground a few times. (hehe).

Spectators watching volleyball.  The couple sitting just to the side of Elder Mills is President and Sister Řeha.  He is our Branch President in Ostrava.  Other senior missionaries are the Martins, Ostergaards, and the Scotts.

We are back in Ostrava at the main namesti trying to keep warm.

Ostrava city center.  Main namesti.

Family Home Evening, December, at  Elder and Sister Mills' Home.  It was so much fun. We played crazy games, had  chilli,(which about blew your socks off because it was so hot), and watched President Monson's Christmas address.

Elders singing at our December Family Home Evening.

President and Sister Irwin brought all the missionaries together in Prague for a mission Christmas.  We went a day early so we could enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of Christmas time in Prague.  It was amazing!! It was truly magical.

This was a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the center.  Aboslutely beautiful.

Elder and Sister Mills.  Night time in Prague.


Santa was able to find the Ostrava Elders.  They must have all been good because there were no potatoes in their socks.

A sweet couple we were able to spend the afternoon with.  They are the grandparents of one of our branch members.  They were so kind and gracious.  The Czech people think they have to feed you every minute that you are at their home.  These two were no different.  They had to roll us down to the bus stop because we had eaten so much.  I only know them by "Adams Grandparents"  (Names to come later)

Elder Chezik is the birthday boy for the month of December.  A new-years-eve baby.  We love you Elder Chezik!

Sunday lunch at the Mills.    This is as close to a new year's celebration as these Elders will see.  They have to be in their apartments by 7:00 p.m. on New Year's Eve.  Fireworks are being sold every where along with all of the alcohol I think we will all just stay in our little apartments that night.

It has been an amazing two months for us.  Thanksgiving was fun, and Christmas in the Czech Republic is simply amazing.  They really go all out here for the Christmas holiday.  Elder Mills was in charge of the Branch Christmas Program, and it turned out really well.  We are loving our mission and all of the opportunities it is giving us to serve.  I know you mostly see the fun stuff we do, but the best things we do is when we are able to teach and bear testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Ostrava.  We love being disciples of Christ, and we wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now.  Happy New Year to family and friends.  We hope the new year brings blessings from our Heavenly Father to each of you and your families.  Love to all.  Starši and Sestra Millsovi

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  1. Loved the update, it looks like it was a beautiful Christmas season. Nothing like getting lost in the Work for two months.
    All is well here in Zion, would be nice if it warmed up a little though. Keep up the great work, love you guys. Brent & Kim