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June 18, 2014.   It has been almost nine months since I have posted to this blog.  We returned home from our mission in the Czech Republic four months early due to some health problems that I (Sister Mills) was having.  A lot has happened, but we wanted to finish what we started.  Here are pictures of the last month of our mission.  We have such great memories of Ostrava and the Czech Republic.  We love these people and miss them dearly.  They will always be our most cherished and dear friends.

 Priesthood summer outing with the Ostrava Branch.

 Daniel Kolek, Kuba,  Lučas Kubola, and  Elder Wayment

 Adam Hud

 Rostia Nosek

 Daniel Kolek, Vladimír Kryška, Michal Bradá

Oh how Vladimír loved burgers and steak!!!

Brothers in the Gospel.  Elder Mills and I love these men.

Another birthday celebrated in the Mission.  Jana Ciprová.  A very special lady. 
 Happy Birthday Jana!!

Dance Festival held in Ostrava

Folklor Bez Hranic (Folklore without Borders)
Different groups from many countries were in attendance, 
and they would dance their traditional country dances in their traditional costumes.

 One of the last little side trips Elder Mills and I took on a P-Day.  We went back to one of our favorite places Hradec nad Moravici

 Looking out over the beautiful countryside from Hradec nad Moravici

Starši Mills

Sestra Mills

Illona and Zdeněk
Two of our dearest friends we had lunch with just before leaving Ostrava.  We miss them they were so kind to us.  We learned a lot from Illona and Zdenik.

The last district we served with
Top row:  Elders Boysen, Bailey, Payne and Wayment
Bottom Row: Sister Robiček, Sister Mills, Elder Mills and Sister Donaldson

Sister Renata Blombergova, from the Ostrava would always have missionaries over for svičkova once a transfer.  Here we  are our district last transfer.

Saying goodbye to Sister Renata almost broke our hearts.  She is truly a dear friend.

Sisters Robiček, Mills and Donaldson

Saying goodbye to the Ostrava Branch Members the Sunday before we left. 
They were so kind and loving to us.  After Sacrament Meeting they dismissed Sunday School, Priesthood etc. and they brought in food, gifts and took many pictures.
This was our family while we were away from home.

Sisters Robicek, Mills, Donaldson, and Benčikova

Lucaš Kubala, Jakub Řeha, Elder Mills, Daniel Kolek

President Řeha's Family:  Jakub, President R
Řeha, Sister Řeha and Veronica

Kubolovi Family:  Honza , Sister Kubolova, Michelle, Lucaš
 and Brother Kubola

Kolkovi Family:  Danielle, Sister Kolkova, Bro. Kolek and (Zuzu who is missing)

Elders Boysen and Bailey with the Mills

Elders Wayment and Payne with the Mills

Bro. Galiček with the Mills

Michelle Kubolova and Veronica Řeha

Elder Mills with Sunday School Class

The entire Ostrava Branch and missionaries walked us to the train station and waited there with us until our train came.  They sang hymns to us while we waited.  It was very hard when they started singing "God Be With You Til We Meet Again"

It was so hard to say good-bye to these dear Czech people.  We will never forget their kindness and the love they showed to us.        
 Na shledanou drahy rodina.

One last look at the street we lived on while in the Czech Republic

Josefá Šavla 7, Ostrava 70900

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  1. This is the first time I had looked at this blog in a very long time. I happened to pull it up this evening and saw that my mom had placed this last blog. Sister Mills (my mom) passed away 9 months after she posted this last blog. I was able to meet many of the people in these pictures. My Dad, sister, brother, and I just returned home from visiting the Czech just weeks ago. It was the first time my dad had returned. It was so wonderful to walk where Brother and Sister Mills walked. I wish mom could have been with us. The love the Czech people had for my parents was so amazing to see. My parents love these people and they will always be in their hearts and in ours as well!
    Thank you mom and dad for the wonderful example you have always been for all of us. As I sit here preparing to send my son on his mission, my heart is full of love and gratitude for the example you are in his life. We love you! I miss you mom!