Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Does this look like an ad for a great burger or what???  To us
it tasted like heaven.  The best burger in the world.  Probably because
we hadn't had a grilled burger in over a year.  This was
definitely a treat.
 For lunch on the 4th of July we had an American barbecue with burgers, chips, watermelon and ice cream bars.  We were only allowed one-an-a-half hours so we had to be quick.   

                                 Elders Mills, Bailey, Hammond, and Sister Mills being patriotic.

We of course couldn't find any decorations, so we had to make our own.

At one point we sang God Bless America, and the Star Spangled Banner.  There were a few teary moments there as we were all thinking about home and our great country.

Life is good!!!

                      Nothing better than a good old Ice cream bar for dessert. (And I didn't have to slice, dice, stir, cook or bake it).

This was a Family Home Evening we had in June.  We talked about the Good Samaritan, had a little food, and played some yard games.  It was a lot of fun.

 City of Ostrava, our home town, from the top of the Radnice.

Another view of Ostrava.

Still another view.  The pollution is horrible, especially in the winter time.

President Řeha, Branch President, and his family invited the branch to their home for wheat burgers.  The day we were to go there it was raining pretty good.  That is why we have the big tent.

How they make them.....This is a big pot of cooked wheat.

You put it through the grinder, along with all sorts of vegetables (garlic, onions, carrots and a few other things) mix it all together and put it on the grill.

Zuzu Kolkova, Sister Clark and Sister Mills (being crazy).

Unfortunately, we had to leave to go be missionaries, so we did not get to taste the wheat burgers.  They did look and smell pretty good though.  Probably won't try it at home, but it was interesting.  Here we are waiting for a bus to go back to the city.

Wanted to show you what specialized training looks like.  The missionaries all get there and throw their back packs, jackets and other things on a chair and run out to visit with past companions and good friends.  This training was the last one we had with President and Sister Irwin before they headed back to England.

Sister Mills and Sister Irwin.  I truly love this tiny little woman.  You will never meet a kinder, caring human being than Sister Irwin.  We will miss you greatly!!  (puffy eyes from crying all meeting,)

Elder Mills and President Irwin.  What a great leader for the Czech/Slovak Mission.  We loved coming to training just to hear him speak.  A great man whom we love and will miss.

Elder Bailey with Pres. and Sister Irwin. here it is.....we ended up doing something we swore we would not do while in the Czech Republic.  That being go to the hospital, and especially not have any kind of surgery.   Well, never say never.  Elder Mills, after suffering about 6-7 weeks trying to pass a kidney stone finally gave in and went to the doctor.  He was admitted immediately he had to stay in the hospital for 2 1/2 days.  Believe me when I say this was not the Hilton.....not even Motel 6.......not even camping.  It was at least 100 degrees in this room, where he was with two other Czech men.  The only thing they gave you to drink was hot tea.  If you wanted water you got it out of the tap in your container.  You had to bring your own juice, towels, TP (that's right) etc.  It was quite the experience.

                                 Here you can see why he was in such pain.  That was one big stone!

This is upon being discharged.  Here he is with his two new friends, who by the way do not speak a lick of English, but they ended up being friends.  When Elder Mills would ring the buzzer for pain meds or something he could hear them arguing and saying in Czech,  "You go, I speak no Anglicky".  It was pretty funny.  In the end the doctor was great, the nurses were great and Elder Mills is feeling great!  Made some new friends, passed out several pass along cards, and even gave the doctor a "Book of Mormon."  That's our missionary from Providence, Ut, I am so very proud of him.

We took a little vylet one P-day to Žilina, Slovakia.  We met up with two other senior couples, the Wrightsons, from Idaho, and the Nye's from Smithfield, UT.

Elder Mills at the market place.  They had the most wonderful fruit I have ever tasted.

Market Place.

Elder Mills and Elder Nye trying to decide if they wanted to bring home a pair of Czech pants.  They are really quite the rage in the CR.

Those of you who know Elder Mills know that he is a sucker for children, old people and people without any teeth.  (some of you will remember that day on the beach when he bought chewing gum from the lady with no teeth there too.)  Here he bought these flowers from her.  She was tickled to death.  Those flowers lasted for a couple of weeks!!

Doing what we do best......EATING

There is a story behind this wind chime.  We found this little doll leg while doing a service project in Slovakia last September.  Ever since then it has become the traveling leg between us and the Nyes.  We have each found creative ways to give it back and forth to each other.  (Yes, small minds are easily amused!!)  This is how the Nyes returned it to us this last time.  We laughed and laughed.  We have got to be thinking of a very clever way to return it to them. (??????)

P-day at the Ostrava Zoo with our District.

The purpose of this picture is for our grand daughter  Hailey Mills.  She will understand why Grandma took a picture of this.

Elders and Sisters and one branch member.

Elder Lisonbee, who is I believe around 6'7or8" got down and crawled into this turtle shell.  I didn't think he would make it out.  Jana, newest member riding on top.
City of Olomouc for another Zone training.

Sisters Roubicek, Clark, Elders Bailey, Mills, Sister Mills, Elders Wayment, and Lisonbee.

Missionaries making Sunday lunch at our home.  They are making halušky.  When it is all finished it resembles pasta and I think it is pretty good.  The problem is you can't eat very much of it because it is so rich.  (made from potatoes, cheese, sour cream, bacon).
Here we are ready to dig in.

Elder Wayment saying to  himself, "I can do this."
See what I mean.  Ate too much Halušky!!! MISERABLE.

Missionary picnic for the branch.  Elder Mills cooking hot dogs.

TheSisters and Bro and Sister Kubala.

Brother Kolek.
David Horak.
We got a good game of water volleyball going.  Elder Lisonbee and Lucas Kubala.

Elder Mills and Sister Huskova. (No they did not catch the balloon.)

Sister Mills and Daniel Kolek.  Yes we did catch the balloon!!

President and Sister Reha, Veronica, Sister Kubala, Michelle

Sister Roubicek and Sylvi
Elder Mills and Sister Huskova.  What a pair. (hehehe)
We always make birthday cakes for the missionaries if they have a birthday while here in Ostrava.  Sister Roubicek said she liked strawberries and chocolate so here she is with her birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Sister Roubicek.

Another P-day in the city of Opava.  A beautiful little city about 30 minutes outside Ostrava.      (Elder Wayment)

Radnice in Opava and District.
Thought I would show you some of the streets of Opava.

Sister Mills hiking to some Chateau in Opava.  I have been to so many castles, and chateaus I  can't keep them all straight any more.

Back of the Chateau.

Front of the Chateau.
Elder and Sister Mills.

Just last Monday night we had another Family Home Evening.  We talked about forgiveness.  You could feel the spirit very strong this night.  It was great.  We had 22 people in attendance, 8 of which were investigators.  We have a very small apartment....what a trick to get this many people in one room.  
After the lesson we had banana bread and fruit.  Do you see a pattern here.  We are always eating, and eating, and eating. 

This is a dear sweet man in our branch, Jiri.  He has been so very kind to us.  I think he is older than we are, but hard to tell, and he always is trying to take care of us. 

Here is a picture of the whole group. 
Another FHE under our belt. 

This is a beautiful bush that is blooming outside of our front door.  It was blooming like this last year when we arrived and stayed like this until almost November.  This bush tells me just how long we have been here.  We reached our year mark on July 2.  I can't believe we have been on our mission that long.  Although, when we look back we have had so many wonderful experiences, met so many great people, made some very good friends, and have been able to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with so many people.  We have learned so much, and have enjoyed being tutored by the spirit every day.  We love the Savior, we love the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we love being missionaries in the Czech Republic.  We also love our family, and we are so proud of each of them.  We miss you and love you very much.    Starši and Sestra Millsovi


  1. Loved all the pictures mom and dad. Bailey is dying to know what the guinea pig picture is all about! :)
    Love you both!

  2. Elder and Sister Mills, thank you for all of the pictures and information about your mission! Most of all, thank you, thank you for taking such great care of our son, Elder Wayment! He mentions you in every email and can't say enough good. I am grateful for senior couples!! Blake told us of your hospital stay, and recovery. Miracles never cease, and I pray for all of your health everyday. I traveled with the church's humanitarian services to the Republic of Georgia and toured the medical facilities. I was hoping for better in the Czech Republic but it doesn't really appear so. It is one of my missionary mom's worries. If you don't mind, we will continue to follow your blog, it is wonderful! May God bless you! Becky Wayment