Monday, June 17, 2013

It's official.....We had not one, not two, but three baptisims in Ostrava last Saturday.  We could not have been more thrilled!  We feel so blessed to welcome three of our newest members into the Ostrava Branch. 
 Front row: Kristian, Mirek, Jana
Back row: Elder Lisonbee who baptized Jana, Bratr Kubala who baptized Kristian, and Starši Mills who baptized Mirek.

Fillip, Kristian, Mirek, Honza. Jana is standing.

Starši Mills and Mirek.  I was so proud of Starši.  He gave the baptisimal prayer in Czech and only got choked up once!! (For those of you who know my companion you know he cries when he goes to the grocery store, so this was a big accomplishment.  Speaking in Czech was secondary. hehehe)

Bratr Kubala and Kristian

The two moms with their boys.  Sestra Šuhájová, and Sestra Michalská

We made the two Primary boys baptisimal towels.  Here is Mirek with his.

There are four boys in my Primary in the Ostrava Branch.  I had set a goal to get three of them baptized, and we worked very hard in Primary teaching them the lessons so they would be ready and accept baptisim.  When their mothers came to me and said their boys were ready it was a glorious day.  These are two very special boys and I love them dearly.
Kristian age 8 1/2 and Mirek just turned 12.
The other two boys in Primary are age 6 and 9. 

Here is Jana with her boy friend Lucaš.

I am afraid that Kristian thought it might be fun to go for a dip before being baptized.  He was so funny....he started holding his nose as he walked down the stairs to be baptized.  He never let go. He was making sure that no water got up his nose.

All those in attendance at the baptism

Elder Lisonbee, Jana, Bratr Gáliček, Lucaš, Sestra Huskova, Sestra Šuháová
Sestra Roubicek, Sestra Clark, and Bratr Adam Hud

Everyone just enjoying each others company after baptism. 
We have no baptisimal font so we go to local pools for baptisims.  This one is nice because we could mingle outside on this beautiful day and do what mormons do!!!

Another first, at least since Starši Mills and I have been here is that this transfere we got SISTERS!!  It is great not to be the only Sister in the District.  Above Sestra Clark (Bountiful, Ut), Sister Mills and Sestra Roubicek (California)

Elders and Sisters in our District: Elder Bailey, Sisters Clark and Roubicek, Elder Hammond,
(back) Elders Lisonbee and Weyment.

One P-day the Elders and Sisters found this funny little bowling alley.  The pins are hooked to strings so when you knock them over the string can set them up straight again.  What a hoot!!!  Laughed and laughed over this one.

Elder Lisonbee

Elder Weyment

Elder Bailey

Sister Roubicek

I hate to tell you who won the game.....that's right....the old guy....Starši Mills killed them.  Maybe they will have a little more respect for their elders now!

We had a great surprise this month.  Elder Coleman who had just gone home a few months ago returned with his family, and our cute neighbor from home Brooke Carlsen.  We were able to have lunch with them in Brno.  What a delight to see so many people from Cache Valley all in one spot.  It was fun to catch up on what was going on back home in the neighborhood and ward.  Thanks Braiden (Elder Coleman) for sharing your family with us and brightening our day.
I thought we might be a little homesick after visiting with the Cache Valleyites, but I think we are beginning to feel like Ostrava is our home.  I think we have learned that home is wherever we are, together, and we are very happy here.   We have many good friends here, and the gospel is growing in the Czech Republic.  Not in leaps and bounds, but by small and simple things the Lord accomplishes his work.  We are truly grateful to be a part of that great work. 

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